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Originally Published On Oct 15, 2014

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Tags: Shashi Tharoor, Congress party, Indian National Overseas Congress USA (INOC), NYC, Indian Parliament, Standing Committee on External Affairs.Utsav Restaurant, Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), Prime Minister Narendra Modi, toilets for the poor, communal clashes, Chief Minister of Gujarat, manipulation of the press, polluted state, Kerala, Haryana, Maharashtra, stealing ideas, Jan Dhan Yojana, mission to Mars, Jawaharlal Nehru, defeat of Congress party, anti-incumbency,Anna Hazare (Kisan Baburao), corruption, Dual Citizenship, Parliament, United States, George Abraham, Juned Qazi, Harbachan Singh, Karnataka, Dr.Dayan Naik,R.Jayachandran, Malini Shah, Sabinal Ali,Sonia Sodhi,Arun Kumar Chodha, Mohinder Singh Gilzian, Overseas India Press


On September 25, 2014, Indian National Overseas Congress, USA (INOC), NYC, held a reception and a dinner meeting to congratulate Dr.Shashi Tharoor, a Member of the Indian Parliament and chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs, at Utsav Restaurant, in Manhattan.

Mr.Tharoor, a former Under--Secretary General of the United Nations, who was accompanied by his two sons and a daughter (he said that 'this is like a family reunion here'), attacked the present BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and its leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing about 100 invited guests and media persons.

He projected Modi's style of government as a dictatorial, as he by--passes ministers of his cabinet and directly talks to the secretaries.

So, when a question arises in the Parliament, ministers do not know anything about it, as the information did not pass through them.

After stating that he respects Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister of India, he led his charge on Mr.Modi, by citing his empty great oratory, publicity stunt for erecting a few toilets for the poor and promising toilets for all by 2019.

But he did not do much while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, as 66% of the population of Gujarat do not have toilets and use open spaces!

That there was no unity and harmony in the country, as contrary to what Mr.Modi claims, as there were already 600 communal clashes since he got elected.

His target was Mr.Modi's handling, controlling and manipulation of the press by giving out his version only without anything being questioned.

In this regard, he mentioned that previous Prime Ministers used to take about 60 reporters from a variety of media, when traveling abroad, while Mr.Modi toured United States, with only a few who worked for the Indian Government's radio and Television, so that only the favorable, controlled and stage-- managed government version gets out.

He also complained about Prime Minister's well--oiled Public Relations Machine that gets him a headline everyday.(Mr.Tharoor, himself a communicator, did not explain why his own Congress party cannot have that type of P.R.).

He maintained that Mr.Modi speaks about everything that is good in India, but he don't want to say that Gujarat is the most polluted state, compared to Kerala, Haryana or Maharashtra,

Indicting Mr.Modi of stealing ideas and works of Congress, he disclosed that Mr.Modi was changing names and serving them as his own ideas.

As an example, he cited, Mr.Modi's "Jan Dhan Yojana," which was originally a work of Congress party to get bank accounts opened for the poor people in the rural areas.

Mr.Tharoor also claimed that success of the mission to Mars was the fruit of Congress party's late leader Jawaharlal Nehru's vision in nurturing and maintaining Science and Engineering talents, and not that of Mr.Modi, who just came to power.


Dissecting the defeat of his Congress party and loss of power, he stated that there was always an undercurrent of anti--incumbency running in Indian Elections.(Mr.Tharoor was an Union Minister of State for External Affairs and H.R.Development in the Congress led government).In India, incumbents are elected only 26% of the time.In the state of Kerala (from where Mr.Tharoor was elected as a member of the Parliament a second time), State governments were voted out every five years.

Anna Hazare (Kisan Baburao, a social activist)'s nation--wide movement against corruption had hurt the ruling Congress party.

He also considered price--rise of essential commodities and increase in the price of fuel, as another reason for the defeat.

He complained that the media paid more attention and gave more publicity to BJP and its leader Mr.Narendra Modi (Mr.Tharoor, himself, a prolific writer, did not explain why his Congress party could not get equal, if not more, attention from the media).

During the Q&A period (which was not handled properly, as the first INOC leader who stood up to ask a question, kept rumbling for a long time), Mr.Tharoor, noting a strong demand for Dual Citizenship, said that he will raise this matter in Parliament.

To another questioner, who said that Indian Citizens in USA, who have lost their passports, or are holding expired passports, are having great difficulties in obtaining newer ones, Dr.Tharoor said that it should not be that way and that he will look into this matter.

Humbly accepting the verdict of the people that defeated Congress party and praising the work INOC had done over years in the United States, he predicted defeat of Mr.Modi's leadership and his party in the next general election, as people will be disillusioned by the non--fulfillment of his high promises and will bring Congress party to power, again.

In the beginning, INOC 's Chairman George Abraham, President Juned Qazi, General Secretary Harbachan Singh, Karnataka Chapter President Dr.Dayan Naik also addressed the meeting while welcoming the Chief Guest.

Kerala Chapter President R.Jayachandran honored the chief guest with a tri--color shawl, while Malini Shah, Sabinal Ali and Sonia Sodhi presented Tharoor with a bouquet of flowers.

A plaque was presented to Arun Kumar Chodha by Tharoor, honoring him for the service to the community.

Mohinder Singh Gilzian, Sr.Vice--President, expressed a vote of thanks.

There are 5 photos in 'view photos' below, curtsy, INOC and Gunjesh Desai.


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