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Originally Published On Jul 15, 2014

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Tags:Nartanrang Dance Academy, Nritya Ranjani, Nasirs ghazal, Swati and Sudhir Sahara). Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), Siddhi Vaishnav, Hindu Temple Auditorium in Queens, New York, A.S. Dileepkumar, Allah Rakha Rahman, AR Rahman, A.R.Rahman, Islam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Kashturi (Kareema), R.K.Shekhar, Saira Banu, Khatija, Rahima, Ameen, Academy Awards, Grammy Awards,Dr.Navin C.Mehta, Fakir, Pooja Pandya, Chandni Patel, Ami Zala,Anuja Desai, Monty Kataria, Overseas India Press, Inc,,

Rang BateN Kare, Aur BatoN Se Khusbu Aaye

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Hum Teri Yaadse, Katrake Guzer Jaate Magar, RaahmeiN Phulonke Lab, Saayaonke Geshu Aaye.<

Rang BateN Kare, Aur BatoN Se Khusbu Aaye


(I would have passed by, tangentially, without remembering you, but what can I do; while traveling on the road, your remembrance came rushing because I saw the lips of flowers that looked like yours and lines of shades of the trees-- that seemed like the lines and locks of your hair.

Color was conversing everywhere and fragrance was whirling out of that talk-- from a Ghazal by Nasir.

During the last three years or so, every time I wanted to attend Nartanrang Dance Academy's annual program, something else came up and hence, this time, waiting until the last minute, I decided to accept the invitation thinking that I should not pass this opportunity, as I had met Swati and Sudhir Vaishnav many times before (for those articles and photographs in "view photos," please go to Archives and type Vaishnav, Gen-I or Sahara).

Attending the function, you right--away know, how much time Swati Vaishnav, the choreographer and director of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) and Siddhi Vaishnav, have spent in training and managing 60 students--from 4 year olds to 20 something, when you see them performing on the stage of Hindu Temple Auditorium in Queens, New York, on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014.

The Nartanrang Dance Academy of BVB was holding its annual dance production, Nritya Ranjani and its theme, this year, was music of A.R.Rahman.


A.S.Dileepkumar, now known as Allah Rakha Rahman, as he was converted to Islam in 1989, was born on 6th January, 1967, at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, to Kashturi (Kareema) and R.K.Shekhar--a composer.

A.R.Rahman, AR Rahman or Allah Rakha Rahman, 48, is married to Saira Banu and has three children: Khatija, Rahima and Ameen.

An excellent Indian composer, singer and song writer, he has received many awards including two Academy Awards and two Grammy Awards.

Dr.Navin C.Mehta, President, Trustees Committee, proudly stated that it was Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan which had originally promoted A.R.Rahman by arranging the biggest concert for him on Long Island.

While praising Mr.Rahman's high work ethics, Dr.Mehta described an incident in Mr.Rahman's life, wherein a Fakir blessed and told this 6 year old boy, 'No matter what you do in life, give it 100% of your efforts.'

Earlier an emotional Swati Vaishnav, like a mother who had raised 60 children and some of them were now leaving because they graduated and others were going to College, urged the audience to get more sponsors for this program, as a bigger hall would be needed for a future event.

Both of them were speaking at conclusion of The Nartanrang Dance Academy of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's annual dance production, Nritya Ranjani.


Students of Nartanrang performed to popular and classic A.R. Rahman numbers such as 'Taal Se Taal Mila,' 'Jai Ho,' & 'Ruth Aa Gayee Re,' while also adding a few unconventional songs into the mix such as 'O Saya' from Slumdog Millionaire, 'Innisai' from Tamil blockbuster Varalaru, & 'Keep The Hustle' from Million Dollar Arm.

Nartanrang's disciples, wearing vivid & colorful costumes, danced vibrantly.

It was like color dancing and its fragrance was flowing from every corner of the stage.

The most spectacular surprise of the evening was a personal video message recorded by Mr.A.R. Rahman, specifically for Nartanrang Dance Academy, that was played at the halfway point of the event.

In that message, Mr.Rahman apologized for not being able to be present.And wished the students the best of luck.

This year, certificates were awarded to Pooja Pandya, Chandni Patel, Ami Zala, and Anuja Desai who had attended the school for five consecutive years.

Just in case, you missed this event, note that, Nritya Ranjani 2015 is tentatively scheduled to take place on June 28.

Monty Kataria was the emcee for this program.

There are two photos in 'view photos' below, curtsy Swati Vaishnav.


Overseas India Press, Inc, 2014
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2006 Overseas India Press Syndicate - Overseas India Press Weekly
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